Welcome to my page! I am a web designer, self-published author, and Mexican art merchant.

Here are samples of my webpages, essays, musings, stories, and other works, with emphasis on indigenous and Mexican spirituality.

This website also features links to social media for my current projects.

I am continually adding new materials, so please return often!

Websites I have written:

The Witches and Psychics of Salem

I wrote the phone psychic website for Lorelei, the Love Clairvoyant of Salem, Massachusetts. The front page incorporates a PHP script that accesses a list of psychic readers and a JavaScript loop that sorts them by availability.


Lorelei also presents a Three Stone Oracle page, which I enhanced with a YouTube introduction and a clickable image map. Each clicked bowl will open a popup window with further details on its mystical meaning. I included a JavaScript function that lists your last three selections.


Crow Haven Corner

Lorelei owns the Crow Haven Corner, renowned as both the oldest Witch Shop in Salem (and arguably the USA) and the first shop founded by Laurie Cabot, Salem's "Official Witch." Although I am not the original author of the shop's website, I have significantly revised and expanded it since becoming webmaster in 2014. I added pages dedicated to news and media on the shop, and I also wrote a menu page to consolidate all of the online shopping categories.

I am in the process of converting most of the shopping pages into PHP script, so that they can access a common XML database of available wares. This revision should allow other employees to readily update the website when prices change or items become newly available or sold out.

A sample page of the current work is available here: offering pewter chalices and other drinking vessels.


Edgar's Mesoamerican Art Page

Begun in 1996, this was the page that started my career in web design.

I wrote this website as a free educational resource on Mexico's ancient civilizations, from the Olmec to the Aztec, with photos I had taken at archaeological sites and anthropology museums across Mexico. At its peak it was not only the most comprehensive online encyclopedia of its kind on the subject but also the highest-ranked on Google. I plan to fully restore the page with high-resolution photos, new pages, updated notes, and a PHP-MySQL interface to display the entries consistently.


Edgar's Maya Art Page

As the Mesoamerican art page was including more and more pages on the Maya, in 2007 I decided to move them to their own "spin-off" website. It became one of the most complete websites on ancient Maya civilization, with photos I had taken at archaeological museums and sites across Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras.

Restored in 2015, the site has new photos, pages, and notes. I created a PHP form through which I enter each item's identifying name, image file, descriptive caption, source location, and destination page. The form submission adds these materials into an XML database. Then the PHP script on each page accesses its respective XML data and formats them into a polished list.


Feathered Serpent Imports

I regularly travel to Mexico to collect authentic indigenous folk art for my online store. Select pieces are also available at Witch Way, in Beverly, Massachusetts. Click on the logo for the website or any of the icons below for related pages!

To write the online shopping menu, I incorporated HTML, CSS, JQuery, and JavaScript to provide a caption box that further describes each menu category when you hover your mouse over its corresponding image. It is the most animated and interactive page on the website. Click here or on the image at right to visit!


Feathered Serpent Tours

I offer tours on spiritual art at world-class museums in the American Northeast. They focus on works from ancient civilizations and native societies, with a main lecture theme in each hall, and they point to choice examples in each gallery to illustrate the lessons at hand. Topics include magic, ritual, divination, shamanism, mystery cults, and more!


The Shaman's Cross

I wrote a memoir of spiritual experiences from living among Aztec and Otomí villages in Mexico. It is available in paperback and on Amazon Kindle. Click on the logo for the website or any of the icons below for related pages!